UPDATE ON OUR SUMMER MENTORSHIP PROGRAM. Lets keep building our leaders of tomorrow. #1000Dreams

Education they say doesn’t end and for these little ones we believe that education is all that matters at this point in their lives. On the 28th of July everyone at Slum2School Africa was excited to launch our summer mentorship program for our children in Makoko. The mentorship programme aimed at engaging the children in various academic and non-academic activities ranging from literacy, numeracy, civic education, creativity, games, movies, excursions and other activities line up for them to build them physically, mentally, socially and psychologically.  The mentorship classes were grouped in two categories for the Nursery classes and Primary classes making a total of 8 different classes.

Each class is driven and taught by our community based volunteers with the assistance of our professional volunteers who take them in different subjects from a well drafted scheme of work covering all aspect of their education. The mentorship classes which starts by 8.30am-12:30pm from Mondays – Fridays at Makoko primary school is aimed at supporting our children to learn better and develop them for the best. The programme is expected to last through out the long vacation till the 12th of September 2014.

So far we have had about 45 Volunteers who have participated in this program and we are really proud of their efforts. We still invite all our professional volunteers who can create time out to participate in this exciting and educational program for all our beneficiaries. We will publish the names of all professional volunteers who made this summer mentorship a success. Find more pictures below.


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