We must not give up on their DREAMS! Be part of our Skill Acquisition closing ceremony & Exhibition! #LetsDoMore

Many of us are really fortunate in life including myself. I never knew this until I met a very very brilliant young 17years old boy who said his ambition was to become a cardiac Surgeon. His father and brothers are all fishermen and I had never imagined that a boy from such a community would even know what such a profession meant but he told me all he needed was someone to support his Dreams as he didn’t want to end up like everyone else in his family. Another very brilliant 10 years old girl dropped out of primary 4 cos her parents couldn’t afford the books and uniform. My favorite little friend Dora, lost her mum at age 8 and stopped schooling. Her Dreams were cut short by the reality of selling fish for her new step mum every day.
I could go on and on with many heartbreaking realities we have encountered that make us stay up at night, but this is not aa time to make you Sad! We have decided to do Something and we wouldn’t do this alone without you! Join us tomorrow and see how over 25 of these kids and youths who have been empowered by our AMAZING team of professional volunteers on how to make Beads, Bags, Shoes, Jewelleries, etc will exhibit their works after 2 months of intensive training.
We’re not just excited that they now have acquired skills, many of them have already started making money from it and now have renewed Dreams. Debby will be in JSS1 when school resumes, Ansel says he believes he could save up to attend his medical school by 2015 and Dora is back to primary 3 and her she’s one of our brightest kids.
God made us fortunate so we can make others more fortunate. True wealth is not what’s in our bank accounts but what lies in our hearts. And since I knew these my life’s commitment to helping others keeps growing stronger!
Join us at Makoko Community tomorrow Sat. 6th at 11am. Let’s support, Motivate and encourage these young ones.
Remember that their hopes are in our hands. #1000Dreams
@Otto_Orondaam @Slum2School

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