Pictures: #ForTheLoveOfACHILD 2015: Slum2School Volunteers Spreading the Message of Love to Children.

Every Child deserves to be loved and given an equal opportunity to succeed in life, especially children from the less privilege homes and communities. This has been our goal, never to give up on these children as we support their education and in doing this we are very proud of our network of committed volunteers who have always been on the forefront of making this a reality.

It was a beautiful weekend, but this weekend was different as the air was filled with love. It was another Valentines day celebration and annually we organize an event tagged #ForTheLoveOfACHILD to show our children that they are indeed loved and appreciated. This year was quite organized within a short period due to the postponed national elections but it turned out to be one of the best we have ever had. The children had so much fun, played lots of out door games and the volunteers were not left out.

With about 100 volunteers and over 400 children, the day was filled with series of activities and party. Most importantly we made it more fun for the children as each child got a new set of complete school materials including School Bags, School uniforms, Pairs of Socks, Sandals, Water bottles, Exercise books, crayons and Stationery. There were also household clothes, shoes and toys for the children.

We also had LEGO Toys and several other games for the children. We want to appreciate everyone who made the 14th of February a fun filled and fulfilling day for all Slum2School beneficiaries. We are always grateful and we look forward to a successful and activity filled year with you all.

Here are some pictures from the event. Stay active and follow us on all social media platforms @Slum2School #LetsDoMore



One thought on “Pictures: #ForTheLoveOfACHILD 2015: Slum2School Volunteers Spreading the Message of Love to Children.

  1. It was great to see the children so excited.The gift-laden excitement, Shoki dances, Games, Had so much fun. Best Valentine’s Day ever celebrated

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