#1000Dreams #Slum2SchoolAfrica #LetsDoMore #Education



A thousand Dreams, a thousand unspoken voices, a thousand little minds filled with hope of a better and brilliant bright future, a thousand opportunities for a generation filled with longing for education. Slum2School Africa amidst much excitement and great expectations is all set to begin her #1000Dreams campaign slated to begin on Saturday 16th August. #1000Dreams is a campaign initiative of the Slum2School Africa to raise funds for the enrol and support a thousand beautiful kids residing in the slums into school within the next 1 year. It is an opportunity to give these less privileged kids a unique chance at education.


As the late iconic legend Nelson Mandela rightly stated; “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. Slum2School Africa is all about providing basic education to disadvantaged children who do not have the opportunity, because we understand that education is the basic key to changing society. We believe in the empowering of these younger minds to give them hope and the capacity to build a better nation to live in. We do not just stop at classroom education, but we provide mentorship programmes, regular Monitoring and Evaluation, psycho-social support, health campaigns and several other support programs for the kids also to stimulate their minds and build confidence in them.



Be a part of this great campaign with Slum2School Africa and Lets give hope to these children, lets teach them to become great and build a better society.

#1000Dreams #iSupport #iVolunteer #LetsDoMore

For more information email: info@slumtoschool.org  or call 0700Slum2School








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