Slum2School Africa – 2015 Fundraising campaign. #MyAfricanDream

We are super excited to kick off our 40-day fundraising campaign themed #MyAfricanDream. Every year, our fundraising campaign enables us to raise funds to support hundreds of our beneficiaries and implement several projects.

With over 10million Nigerian children currently out of school, reports by UNESCO’s Institute for Statistics says, Nigeria accounts for about 18% of the total number of Out-Of-School Children globally and stands as the country with highest number in the world.

This doesn’t just pose a big threat to the future of these vulnerable children but also to the sustainability/ progress of Nigeria as a nation and the African continent in general. Education we know, is a major catalyst for human development and the educational progress and development of children is a universal imperative integral to the well-being of any society.

As we consolidate on our primary communities in Western Nigeria this school year, plans are in place to extend our reach across the country towards the northern part of Nigeria, where the state of education is really poor.

Our three major goals for this school year are:

  1. We want to provide educational scholarships for 1000 children from 3 states in Nigeria, including the northern part. Most of these children are smart and willing to learn and they need our support.
  2. We also plan to construct the ARK School  (An innovative solar-powered low-cost school in the shape of an ark) in Makoko community (Lagos, Nigeria), a community that still has over 5000 out-of-school children.
  3. Slum2school Africa has adopted three (3) schools in Makoko, Yaba (Lagos state, Nigeria) where a computer development centre and an e-library were recently set up for the children. During the school year, we aim to provide the following in the three schools:
    • School health centre
    • Dressing room
    • Early childhood development centre.
    • Play centre
    • Conduct teacher-training programs
    • Employ ten (10) support teaching staff

It costs 30,000 Nigerian Naira to support one child per year. This will cater to school supplies, educational materials, mentorship, psycho-social support etc

Tabelle N

The Fundraising Goal for the 2015/2016 school year is 30 Million Naira and we believe that this will help us kick-start and complete most of our goals as we build more partnerships to achieve more.

We look forward to collaborating with you to achieve these goals and raise the required funds over this period.

Donation Channels:

  1. Donations on our indiegogo online campaign:
  2. Donate via quick teller:
  3. Direct bank transfer or bank deposit our Guaranty Trust Bank and Zenith bank accounts


 Kindly complete THIS FORM once you have made a donation on any of our donation platforms. or click on

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One thought on “Slum2School Africa – 2015 Fundraising campaign. #MyAfricanDream

  1. Reblogged this on ThoniaSpeaks and commented:
    #MyAfricanDream…That the children of my youth will be given the chance to better education.

    #MyAfricanDream…That Education will not be so far fetched.

    #MyAfricanDream…That the education of the African girl child will be given the importance that it deserves.

    #MyAfricanDream…That the children of Africa will sing proudly “Education is my pride!…the key to my growth!…the spring board to endless possibilities and innovation!”.

    #MyAfricanDream…That the smiles of the African child will be because she sees hope layered in the opportunities set for her by her nation.

    #MyAfricanDream….That the streets of Africa will glow with the faces of proud achievers, who concern themselves with national growth, social impact and selfless service to her nation.

    #MyAfricanDream…That Africa will be a force to recon with, be the pacesetter for developmental transformation.

    What is your AfricanDream…

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