Its time to create more impact. Slum2School Volunteers Leadership Summit 2015.

As a volunteer driven developmental organization committed to providing quality education to children in Slums and remote communities, we are also interested in improving the knowledge, leadership skills and competencies of our volunteers and so we organize several activities to create a stronger bond among our volunteers and improve their personal development.

The Volunteer Leadership Summit is an annual program that brings together our professional volunteers who have been at the fore front of our developmental projects and are committed to bringing hope and education to many more children in need.  The goal is to inspire, challenge and build practical skills that will enable us create the greater impact.

This years event was a huge success with speakers like Lanre Olusola ( The catalyst ), Steve Harris, Mrs Adeola Awogbemi ( The Executive Director of Volunteer Corps ), Abiola Salami, Otto Orondaam and several other great personalities.

The summit also brought together all the management support team leaders who manage all 45 teams within the organization and about 200 volunteers. The event held at Corona School, which is one of our partner schools.

Mr Lanre Olusola who is known for his ability to improve personal and organizational growth was at the fore front of the event as he challenged all our volunteers to stay passionate and committed towards the cause. He said clearly that the state of education is still in crisis and we must not relent in our quest towards supporting the children. Mr Steve also reminded us about the value of our service and how it was priceless.

Some side major highlights were team breakout and planning sessions, awards and recognitions of some volunteers, presentation by Slum2School beneficiaries, team bonding activities, etc

In attendance were about 40 beneficiaries who participated in various activities and had time to network with volunteers.

Here are a few pictures from the event.


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