Pictures: Slum2School Africa launches Computer Development center and E-Library to be used by 18 public primary schools.

Saturday the 6th of June 2015 was a day filled with different shades of fulfillment for the beneficiaries, volunteers and supporters of Slum2School Africa. It was a remarkable day in the history of Slum2School Africa as we officially launched our 4 year journey towards transforming and developing our adopted public primary schools into model primary schools in Lagos state.

Over the past 4 weeks, hundreds of volunteers have been working on two major projects within two of our adopted schools, Adekunle Anglican Primary school and Aiyetoru African primary school in Makoko, yaba, Lagos state. A Computer Development Center and An E-Library with about 20 flatscreen desktop computers and over 5000 educational books.

It was a fun to see volunteers as they got themselves involved in so many building activities like tiling, electrical connnections and wiring, painting and even mixing of cements. However after weeks of these works we finally completed the two projects and the outcome was nothing less than amazing. It left everyone who visited inspired and interested in doing more.

Speaking at the commissioning event, Mr Adeolu who is the social mobilization director at the Lagos mainland Education Board said he was really excited to see such development in the school within a short period of time. “I am so overwhelmed to be part of the commissioning of this computer development center and e-library. When Otto and his team visited our office weeks ago as they always do and told us about this particular project, we never expected something of this magnitude. It is extremely inspiring what Slum2School has done not just for the school, but in the lives of these children and on behalf of the education district and the Lagos state education board, i can assure you all that this facility will be maximized to its fullest capacity. We will be sending the best computer technicians and instructor from the mainland to manage it and it will be used by 18 public primary schools. So I would like Slum2School to know that they are no longer supporting just 3 schools but now 18 schools.” he said.

Also Mrs Jean Obi who represented Nigerwives also spoke excitedly and commended the Slum2School team for a great job and promised to ensure that the E-Library was fully functional and never lacking books. In attendance also were several dignitaries from the public and private sector and several Slum2School volunteers.

Otto Orondaam who spoke about the goal of the school adoption program said the first phase will last for 4 years and within the period they had about 25 projects to implement. He also appreciated all organizations and volunteers that supported in the establishment of these computer development center and e-library. He said that without many of these organizations we wouldnt have had the books and even computers. He specially appreciated Nigerwives, Lagos Preparatory School, the staff from Sahara Energy, Falcon oil, Meadow Hall and several others. He also recognized the volunteers who put in their time, energy, skills and money towards these projects.

He said this was just the beginning and that as an organization, the journey to providing access to disadvantaged children across Africa has just started and Slum2School Africa’s commitment towards this cause will remain undaunted.


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