Pictures: #Slum2School Africa Celebrates 3rd Anniversary with Inter-School Sports Festival! Discovering our future Olympic Gold Medalists.



As we know, education doesn’t just end in the classroom. over 80% of what we learn comes from our activities outside the classroom which involves the mental, social, physical, extra curricular activities etc which builds the minds and body of the child. As we celebrate our 3rd Year Anniversary we are really excited and proud of so many of our children who have shown that with a little effort any child can grow up to achieve their dreams.

Last weekend we celebrated our Inter-school sports festival at Meadow Hall and they have one of the best sporting complex you can find in any private primary school across the country. It was an extremely exciting day for not just our children and children from other partner schools but for all our volunteers and partners who came out in numbers to mark the event.

It was the first time our children were participating in such a competition with their mates from various other schools. Playing on such a field and swimming in a standard pool. The main objective of the competition was to expose them to such facilities, have fun and inspire them to succeed. There were about 17 major games lined up including soccer, swimming, track and field events, obstacle games etc.

Meadow Hall emerged first position with 10 Gold Medals, 3 Silver medals and 2 bronze medals, Corona School were second position with 4 Gold medals, 3 Silver and 3 Bronze, Slum2School Africa emerged 3rd position with 3 Gold medals, 5 Silver medals and 4 bronze and Bethesda School emerged 4th with 6 Silver Medals, and 6 Bronze medals. We are proud of all the students who made their teams and school proud, including Morayo from Meadow Hall and Zinzu from Slum2School who won the junior male category in swimming for 25 metres freestyle. It was his first time leaving his regular riverine community to swim in such a standard pool.

The Sports Festival was fun filled and very colorful. There were over 500 adults and children in attendance and we plan to make it an annual event. We appreciate all our partners schools for attending this years Sports Festival. Mrs Funto Igun, ED Corona Schools, Mrs Maureen Iheanor, Corona Trust council, Mr Solomon Akpan, Sports Director Corona school, Mrs Ijeoma N from Bethesda School and our lovely hosts, Mrs Kehinde Nwani, Director, Meadow Hall, Mr Ola Opesan, Head of School, Meadow Hall, Mr John Ofoesuwa and the entire staff of Meadow Hall.

We also appreciate our numerous volunteers and the planning team that ensured the success of the sports festival. We believe that the experience would leave a life long impact and memory in the lives and minds of our children. Lets keep doing more to build a better future for these children.

Find more pictures below.

Thank you once again and do follow us on all social media platforms @Slum2School for more information and activities. #LetsDoMore


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